Using hybrid cloud computing can help to drive the digital transformation of organizations and help to lower IT costs drastically. When used in a modern data center, it can improve the function of applications in both traditional systems and those using cloud-based computing. This enables organizations to save on their IT cost structure and leaves them with more resources to focus on improving innovation. The most innovative modern organizations enthusiastically adopt the hybrid cloud. It makes implementing the digital transformation faster and more cost effective and helps their revenue to grow twice as fast.

When organizations use hybrid cloud computing, they’re more likely to reach their digital transformation goals a lot faster and more cost-efficiently. Research has shown companies using hybrid cloud computing can save as much as 67% in costs over a 3 year span. It also results in 30% better results for their operations. That’s because hybrid cloud computing is able to deliver the ideal combination of IT services.

The IT departments must deliver needed IT services to several parts of its organizations. Some parts need traditional IT services. Other departments require fast, agile development environments. Hybrid cloud computing enables users to get the IT services they require using the delivery model appropriate for their unique business needs. For organizations using traditional applications, hybrid cloud computing allows for more secure, elastic, on-demand infrastructure as well as the platform and software services the business requires.

For organizations with cloud-native applications using hybrid cloud computing allows for the delivery of more modernized, agile platforms available on-demand. Plus an easier path to cloud-native application development. Alpha Data offers excellent cloud solutions. Government organizations partner with Alpha Data for numerous reasons. The company offers the fastest time-to-value using rapid deployment of the desired engineered platforms built on converged infrastructure. It also offers technology that’s the best-in-class and employs industry leading technology that’s engineered to work together seamlessly.

Alpha Data also offers unified support and service across all its cloud platforms. They make it simple for corporations and government agencies to handle their digital transformation using hybrid cloud. Successful major companies have modernized their systems using hybrid cloud technology. Through the cloud services provided by Alpha Data via modern data centers, Alpha Data clients are more agile in their adaptability to changing market demands and offers better ways to connect people’s homes, devices and lives.

Hybrid cloud can help any organization realize significant cost savings and become more agile. It can drive digital transformation and allow for faster time-to-value as well as greater return on investment.