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Companies and government agencies today have more data than ever before. With all this Big Data comes big possibilities about what can be done with it and how to best go about if there is an emergency. Alpha Data can help organizations modernize their data center to enable them to gain valuable insights from the Big Data they have collected. Alpha Data can help anyone manage this massive capacity faster and with more flexibility allowing the agency to capitalize on the predictions drawn from the collected data. Alpha Data can also put together a comprehensive recovery plan in case of a disaster.

It’s estimated there’ll be 44 zettabytes in the digital universe by 2020. Alpha Data Big Data experts can help organizations analyze, store, protect their data and recover quickly in case of a hack or systems failure. They help organizations grow by providing tools to predict and understand user behavior, manage risk, optimize operations and enable innovation almost twice as well as in the past.

Companies can enjoy 32% faster application deployment and 50% revenue growth using data analytics. An Alpha Data Lake increases storage utilization 80%. This helps turn data into results and provides infrastructure for government agencies to get better outcomes from their Big Data. By modernizing data centers, users can address massive capacity and at the same time support both traditional and next-gen applications.

The Big Data management technologies offered by Alpha Data are quick, scalable and integrated. By using the cloud to scale at the core and integrate, organizations can quickly gain web-scale capacity without disruption. This lets them leverage massive capacity and makes data migration unnecessary and silos obsolete because they’re massive, centralized and simplified. The best way to address enterprise data growth is consolidating storage into a central repository. One with single volume architecture that simplifies management and analytics regardless of how large the data environment gets.

Organizations can gain insight through analytics and recognize trends, gaps and opportunities. The greatest insights are gained through a powerful infrastructure whether a company uses descriptive, predictive or diagnostic analytics. This creates a competitive edge and leads to increased revenue. A Data Lake offers scalability and the analytics organizations need. There’s no need to copy and move data among silos. It can capture, store, manage, analyze, and protect data faster using a single system.

Alpha Data has helped clients unlock the power inherent in Big Data analytics and helped the operations team effectively and give customers better service.

To take better advantage of your Big Data, explore Alpha Data’s portfolio. It includes Big Data Foundations, Systems and Consulting using infrastructure like the Data Lake, Converged Infrastructure and continuity and disaster recovery services. Alpha Data helps organizations capitalize on their Big Data, protect and secure Big Data and provides ongoing support.

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