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Converged infrastructure has made modernizing a data center easier than ever. It delivers faster outcomes through the use of simpler IT. Alpha Data converged infrastructure solutions is the broadest in the industry. It can help government agencies use their resources for innovation rather than infrastructure integration. Converged infrastructure offers technology that’s validated, pre-integrated, and workload-optimized. This frees IT teams to take their focus off maintaining infrastructure and switch it to delivering IT services. The result is faster time to accomplish agency goals.

Organizations that use converged infrastructure lower costs by 36% and use 41% less of their time working to keep the lights on. Converged infrastructure enables agencies to deliver simplicity and power through a portfolio of converged infrastructure solutions that leads the industry. When you’re looking for converged infrastructure solutions, Alpha Data is the perfect choice. They rank highest in the industry when it comes to vision and the ability to execute scores combined.

A major reason is the unified support and service experience it provides leading organizations with just one call. Converged infrastructure leads to faster outcomes. The use of converged infrastructure is propelling local and state governments nationwide to improve the customer experience. The simpler IT allows it to prepare for growth while responding faster to requirements.

Companies around the globe are now more agile through the use of converged infrastructure. They support the services called for in their diverse business environments through a simplified IT infrastructure by leveraging converged infrastructure. Converged infrastructure can provide benefits throughout an entire organization. Converged infrastructure solutions offers information technology teams the management simplicity and flexibility they need. This enables them to spend more time on other, more pressing areas.

With converged infrastructure solutions, government agencies spend less time maintaining their infrastructure and more time focused on their core business. Alpha Data’s unmatched converged infrastructure portfolio offers factory-built, pre-validated systems needed for mission-critical applications, mixed workloads as well as hyper-converged appliances. It can supercharge an IT team and allow for products to get into the marketplace faster while achieving digital transformation. It also makes application administrators able to use frictionless IT to do everything faster.

There’s a wide range of converged infrastructure resources. The practical guide makes evaluating Alpha Data’s converged infrastructure’s value easier. Leveraging converged infrastructure is a great tool for creating modern data centers while saving time, money and hassles. Call Alpha Data today to get started or to learn more.

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