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In today’s ever-changing and often complex business climate, companies need to be flexible and adaptable in the world that surrounds them. And they demand the same from their IT solutions.

Here at Alpha Data, we are dedicated to delivering and enabling technology solutions to not only power your business and prepare you for the road ahead, but empower you to maintain a distinct competitive advantage while achieving lasting ROI quickly and effectively.

Big Data and Recovery Solutions

We provide reliable and cost-effective storage management and data protection tools that can be easily integrated into your network system, depending on compliance requirements and storage capacity. Whether it’s remote site replication, primary storage, disk-based backup and recovery, or securing data, we will help you navigate your options and recommend ones that align best with the needs of your business.

Converged Infrastructure Solutions

Utilizing the capability of today’s leading-edge network optimizing appliances, we can help engineer your network infrastructure for prime performance. Whether it’s server and network load balancing, WAN migration, virtual network deployment, or infrastructure and technology assessment, our wide-ranging portfolio and team of dedicated experts can help you meet your current business needs and prepare you for what’s ahead.

All Flash Storage Solutions

Leveraging the All Flash cloud model provides more efficiency across your IT platforms and will help simplify day-to-day management of data storage and protection and your network infrastructure. You can look to Alpha Data for consulting services or a more all-encompassing approaching that includes analysis, design, implementation, and continual management.

Business Cyber Security

We understand that time is money, so we offer continuity planning and disaster recovery processes that will minimize downtime and get your business back up and running quickly. Our methodologies are designed to isolate issues quickly, making your system more resilient and more stable. By defining and testing your disaster recovery plans, we can help reduce your risk of disruption and loss of critical company information.

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