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All-Flash with software-defined storage has the power to transform the data center of any organization with its new ScaleIO ready node that’s driven by all flash servers. Upgrade to a more modern data center that comes with all-flash storage. The days of disruptive Flash storage are long gone. Today’s Flash is fast, affordable, efficient and agile. Alpha Data can help any business or government agency create a modern data center that has the market’s broadest All-Flash storage portfolio.

Alpha Data all-flash storage solutions are the market leader. Analysis has shown they provide 80% lower TCO compared to a disk. All-Flash also has the lowest price per gigabyte. The Alpha Data all-flash portfolio can help organizations quickly transform its IT Infrastructure. Flash is the storage media that forms the foundation of the products, but what distinguishes it from others on the market is the architectures and speed that is capable. Plus the all-flash storage offers superior performance. It’s 3 times faster than the competition and has ultra-low latency. Plus its sub-millisecond response times makes sure the mission-critical applications are available and responsive at all times and provide consistent and predictable performance.

All-Flash from Alpha Data is always on and offers as much as 99.9999% availability. It offers world-class solutions that provide disaster recovery along with business continuity and essential data protection. It’s also scalable. Organizations can go from entry level all the way up to enterprise solutions. This allows organizations to start small and grow to an incredibly large size without any loss in performance. It can scale to over 4 PB in usable storage using the largest All-Flash arrays in the world.

All-Flash storage provides many benefits. It offers IT teams nonstop data services and unprecedented performance to meet any organization’s mission-critical needs. There are flash storage options with a wide range of data services. These include advanced encryption, thin provisioning, industry-leading security features, capacity-saving data reduction using deduplication and more. Whether you need ultra-fast, next-generation All-Flash performance or completely unique data services, it’s there. The product also offers a proactive, personalized and predictive modern support and service experience to meet the organization’s All-Flash needs. Contact Alpha Data today and speak with an expert about setting up your all-flash storage solutions.

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