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Business driven cyber security and what it takes to manage risk in the ever-changing modern cyber security landscape is a hot button topic. Data rules today’s global, digital business world. Therefore putting systems in place to safeguard financial information, intellectual property and all other types of important data should be a vital part of the strategy of every business and organization. The number and sophistication of cyber attacks are increasing, and preventing them is a formidable challenge. The experts at Dell EMC can help.

Alpha Data has a growing number of very effective cyber security products and services available. They include solutions for threat detection and response, governance, risk and compliance issues, identity and access management, fraud prevention and education and training designed to make the data at any company less vulnerable to cyber criminals. Alpha Data understands the importance of information security and will work closely with any company to assess their cyber security vulnerabilities and needs then make some recommendations that can help safeguard your data.

There are a number of business challenges with which Alpha Data can help. It can help businesses with systems designed to address third party risk and IT/Ops risk. It has technology solutions to set up secure access to sensitive data and deal with identity lifecycle changes. Alpha Data can show you how to create powerful Cloud security, network monitoring and endpoint monitoring systems to help protect your business from breaches caused by cyber criminals. Using effective tools like their incident response, authentication and SIEM programs they can improve your data security.

One effective way to improve data security is to upgrade your data center. The experts at Alpha Data can help your company to do this quickly and cost-effectively. They can also install a Data Lake that’s very secure and holds all your company’s important data, no matter how much data your company has, all in one place. These Data Lakes have several levels of security designed to protect them from intrusion from people without the proper clearance. Alpha Data also has a number of other very effective data management and protection solutions any company can use.

One important key to protecting sensitive data is identifying and fixing vulnerabilities within your data collection, sharing and storage systems. Waiting until there’s a data breach to go into damage-control mode can be devastating for any company. Your company’s data is one of its most valuable assets. Information security should be a priority. Almost 50% of U.S. companies have had data security issues, and the number is growing daily. Intellectual property theft, fraud and legal exposure can ruin a company. Contact Alpha Data and let them help you with their innovative data security solutions.

Alpha Data can design an effective information security strategy to protect your business from today’s increasingly sophisticated criminal ecosystem. It can help eliminate the risks associated with storing, sharing, sending and receiving sensitive information and help prevent data leakage with a comprehensive information security control system. One that’s proactive and includes security assessments and other safeguards to protect important data.

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